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short for wardrobe, meaning a tight outfit.
She got a tight drobe!
by M & P May 22, 2003
unnecessary over abbreviation of the word wardrobe.
Jake: Have you any sweet shirts?
Thom: yeah theres some in the drobe
#drobe #wardrobe #shirts #sweet #slang
by drobe May 15, 2007
An outfit that is good-looking
Damn that is some tight drobe
by anonymous February 28, 2005
Another name for weed most commonly used by under-cover narcotics officers.
"Hey man, do you have any drobe"?
"Nah man...sorry."
*Walks away*
"Dude, that guy was totally a narc"!
#weed #pot #marijuana #dro #drobe
by RyanHallicus March 04, 2010
Bad luck that seems to follow someone. Doom hovering over. A black aura surrounding an otherwise bright soul. A black cloud over someone's head.
No matter how good my thoughts and actions are, it seems that darkness continues to drobe on top of me.
#black cloud #bad luck #bad sign #curse #damned
by Matthew Lamoureaux August 22, 2006
to de-robe, or attack someone in Ultima Online, after they have ressurected, often being un-equipped and unable to defend themselves. Seems to have originated from the "Atlantic" OSI server, as I never heard it used on Catskills.
"OMG you DROBED me!"
by r00ted January 14, 2005
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