Farting in a room or area of crowded people, then walking away like nothing happened.
Whats that smell OH God.....looks like someone pulled off a drive by.
by Konvex March 11, 2011
What happens when rival negro gangs meet in the ghettos of the inner city. Usually, the gang commiting the drive by willw wield weapons such as glocks and 9s which are aimed(I use the term loosely as "gangstas" hold these weapons sideways which undermines the weapon's accuracy) out of inexpensive 1980s cars with flashy, chrome rims.
"Nigga, we tore up dem muthafucking crips last night wit dat drive-by."
by NateDoggFoReal January 11, 2006
This is a signature move at a special or dirty massage parlor during your last 5 minutes the masseuse will perform a drive-by; meaning gently brush your junk a few times with the back of her hand as she massages your legs. This causing a massage boner. She then asks " Would like me to finish that off for you?" Of course then the extra fee negotiation begins as no man can resist once the boy is at full attention.
Bryan: Holy shi*t. Went to this massage place last night and the chick gave me sweet drive-by. I was pointing true north after that.

Dwayne: Well did she finish it off?

Bryan: Yeah she did, for an extra 15 bucks.
by Paastastic7 June 13, 2013
A deed carried out by a man who pounds a girls GUTTA for a short period of time. After the sex, the man promises to call the woman back but instead, drives of.
Woman: "Call me"

Man:"Yer sure.....not (drives away) drive by baybay
by i Con dom ur actions July 25, 2009
when your boss or co-worker stops by your desk to talk to you about things instead of scheduling a meeting with you, especially when that boss or co-worker interrupts a meeting you're already having to talk to you.
Norman got a drive by from the CEO while we were having our weekly meeting, and now we have 2 more projects to complete by the end of the year.

by amphora October 25, 2006
To check out the smell of a girl's pussy before you start to go down on her. Involves moving your face across her whisker biscuit and sniffing. If it smells like fish you don't go any further, if it smells good you dive in.
"Steve checked out Joan's pussy by doing a drive by first".
by Steve Williams February 26, 2005
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