When you walk by someone's desk at work and flash them as you keep going.
Jenny gave Kevin a Drive by as she went in the backroom.
by J Lynn March 28, 2008
A cum-n-run, shoot-n-run, or fuck-n-run.
He wanted a drive-by Friday night but I told him I don't do drive-bys.
by Jolie St. Laurent April 09, 2006
The dumbest way to shoot some one. What someone does when they don't have the balls to stick the gun in someone's face.
Grow some balls and stick the gun in their face Dave, don't pussy out and do a drive by.
by Not Dave the Faggot June 25, 2009
When a person farts while walking by or standing near someone else and immediately vacates the airspace allowing the stench to engulf the victim.
Today I was the victim of the nastiest smelling drive-by.
by weathergirl October 14, 2010
1.To shoot something out of a moving vehicle like a Flaregun
2.To release air pressure as you pass by someone
Keep on talkin and imma do a drive by latter.
by BearKiller August 18, 2014
A person nicknamed DriveBy is what you call, a complete faggot.
Oh my, he is a DriveBy !
by DriveBy is A Gay man July 19, 2015
Farting in a room or area of crowded people, then walking away like nothing happened.
Whats that smell OH God.....looks like someone pulled off a drive by.
by Konvex March 11, 2011

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