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(v) ingesting MDMA (ecstasy), and regulating like a gangsta by representing what the sheiiit (i.e. life) is all about.
"me mate dangerous dave took 22 ecstasy and drove the egham to langley village bus better than he's ever driven it before." -Ali G (a quote close to reality)

do you want to drive the bus tonight yo?

driving da bus is fuckin' legit!!!
by Captain Tickles March 26, 2010
When a male is having sex with a female in the doggy style position, the male presses his thumb against the girls butt hole. His hand and fingers should be spread across and grabbing her booty kind of like you would grab a steering wheel in a vehicle. Inserting the thumb is known as honking her horn as she will most likely yell upon insertion.
Dick and Jane were going at it doggy style when Dick decided to drive the bus to see how far she would let him go.
by GI75 December 19, 2006
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