To take someone's drawers plus milk, and you have the word "Drilk."
Take someone's underwear and a glass of milk (Doesn't matter what kind of milk, but I prefer 2%). There are two ways to drilk someone's panties or underwear. One is you can submerge them with your fingers into the glass of milk and then drink it and let the underwear go into your mouth, but you have to suck the milk through until you can suck no more. The other way to drilk is to take the underwear or panties and put them in your mouth first and then drink the milk while the panties are still in your mouth. It doesn't matter how you drilk, but make sure it's someone you at least know.
by Patty B January 05, 2008
Top Definition
When you are pouring milk into a bowl of cereal and its the end of a bag so just a couple oz. goes into the bowl, in the time that it takes for you to toss out the old bag, grab a new one, mount it in the holster and snip the tip to replenish the bowl, the milk from bag A has already festered enough and in such a small quantity that it has become warm and gross.
by weeman! September 10, 2009
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