Making the car slip laterally by means of oversteering. Possible with a RWD vehicle. Some people try this with FWD cars as well by driving in Reverse.
Its aptly defined as "Controlling your car when it is in uncontrolable zone"
US competed in the Drifting Grand Prix with a Pontiac GTO and were knocked out before the round of 15.
by LedVTECin August 20, 2004
Top Definition
How to aim one's car at a wall and miss it completely; drifting is the opposite of grip driving, which involves taking a corner without sliding. This can be done without any regard to horsepower, weight, or any other factors. Essentially this means any car can drift, however, some cars are more apt to powerslide than drift. Drifting originated in Japan, thus most cars used to drift are Japanese. Most of the cars used to drift are also usually RWD cars with FR layouts, as they are easier to drift than AWD cars, FWD cars, or RWD cars with MR layouts. However, other drivetrains are used for drifting by different people, as driving styles vary from person to person. Some common cars used to drift are the Nissan Silvia, the Nissan 350Z, the Mazda RX-7, and the Toyota Supra.
Drifting is not for the faint of heart, the poor, or those who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. If you have trouble experiencing any epic, you may not wish to try to drifting, as it will have a sudden spike in epic if done correctly.
by stiffshifter September 14, 2009
To cause a vehicle to exceed its tire's limits of adhesion, exhibiting a lateral slip, resulting in an oversteer condition.
Takumi was seen on Interstate 81, in his 1986 Toyota Corolla ,drifting along the many curves in the road.
by Srinath May 02, 2004
A really entertaining way to ruin your tires.
Some dude just went drifting by me in a cloud of smoke and hit a wall, man!
by XomegaX October 06, 2009
Something homeless people do from town to town.
Did you see that homless guy drifting last night?
by BMWguru November 19, 2010
To cause a vehicle to slide or ‘drift’ laterally. It is caused by making a turn a speeds high enough to cause the tires (both front and rear, but the rear tires go first and the front don’t always go) to loose traction, allowing the car to slide laterally. It is possible in front, rear, and all wheel drive. Pulling the hand/emergency/parking break (three names for the same thing) at the apex of a turn will allow one to drift at lower speeds than if the rear wheels were allowed to spin freely. Also, drastically speeding up the rear wheels by revving the engine (therefore causing the rear wheels to spin faster than the car is moving forward) will allow one to drift more easily, this is only possible in rear wheel drive.
I find it difficult to understand the physics behind drifting.
by Don W. February 20, 2005
When you are high enough to the point where you don't speak and your actions are subconsciously done to get you through the high.
"Hey, Zack hasn't said a thing all night"
"Yeah, he's probably just drifting"
by HoneyCombperk June 02, 2013
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