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1. a person who is both a pal and an asshole
2. the future version of the word frenemy in the year 3000, as defined by Conan O'Brien
"Chaz seems like a good friend, but he can be a selfish douchebag where his benefit is concerned. He's a real palhole."
by lemminginstinct September 13, 2009
When two cars collide head-on with a car in between and perpendicular to them, forming an "X" shape.
"I boned my girlfriend, then got x-boned pulling out... of her driveway."
by lemminginstinct April 15, 2010
a college transfer student
"That drifter's so lost; he just transfers from school to school trying to find a major."
by lemminginstinct September 24, 2009

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