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Pronounced durf (like a nerf gun), the acronym means drunk ross faggot. Drf is an alter ego for conservative dudes who get buck wild when hammered. Becoming drf happens whenever one is drinking and reaches the point of no return (probably .2 to .3). The drf is now the life of the party. Drf spits game, falls over couches, and heavily slurs speech.
What?! Gregory shotgunned a four loko, went undefeated in pong, AND boinked 2 chicks! Wow, what a drf!
by Junkyawd Dawg April 28, 2011
a dead to rights faggot meaning that once your named a DRF, your a fag. Also someone who thinks they are black and ghetto and can rep the CPT and the 213 with Carmelo shoes. Runs around in circles before pickup football games to warm up. Also ugly and doesn't get poontang.
David: woo woo silly s sniper halo style! I rep THE 213 CPT west sideee west coast VOODOO on you!!!! look at my melo 4's! they are ill gangsta like bun b and pimp c and tupac and 3 six mafiaaa!!!

Ungar: Man, your such a DRF, David.

by Alec Beer February 12, 2008
date-rape face
harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay:"dude has date rape face"DRF
by jemslite February 05, 2009
Dick riding faggot. One who eschews normal modes of faggotry and transportation to pursue the Path of The Dick by means of The Path of The Asshole. Somewhat analogous to a broom-riding bitch, but way more gay and with way more penis.
Dude, you couldn't be more of a DRF if you tried.

*gets off penis*
by itsyoboymclovin April 20, 2011

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