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drunk texting- sort of like texting but can be as much to your mom informing that youll be late as much to your best friend telling him that he might have to pick you!
dude, whats "in frnk picj mrup"? u texted it to me at like 2 am
oh oops, thats my drext for "im drunk pick me up"
by johnmayer123 March 20, 2011
Driving and texting at the same time.
Drexting is dangerous because it increases the risk of a crash four times.
by Amelina May 28, 2010
The process of sending a text message when the sender is intoxicated.

May or may not be remembered by the sender, but is usually found out later, and can be quite humiliating. Often regretted by the sender when he or she sobers up.

Similar to a "sext."
1) Dude, she was totally off the wall. Her drexts started just after the bars closed. I wonder if she meant em??
2) Stacy, can u believe these drexts Justin sent? Hes not gettin any for a while.
by just4today February 14, 2014
the act of sending a text in an inebriated state of mind;
drunkenly text someone
My ex drexted me yesterday saying she wants us to get back together!
I drexted my mom last night and it was so weird!
by brat11 December 17, 2015
v. Drext - to drunkenly text someone. You're welcome, bitches. How did no one else think of this yet? Will I get paid for this?
Man, I was so fucking wasted off my ass last night, I was drexting Claire like whoa. But that's okay, she likes a drext. Then I sent a drext to Brent. But Brent doesn't know I roll like dat, as it were.
by MyNameIsGeoffDontStealFromMe April 09, 2011
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