Hasn't let her fans down yet? Are you fucking kidding? Have you seen - either "Charlie's Angels" or "50 First Dates"? Are you aware that she married the Canadian Retard, Tom Green? When has she NOT let down her fans?
A fan of Drew Barrymore is clearly on more drugs that Drew was at age 8, her highest drug-intake age.
by Michael Hunt March 15, 2005
A woman who rode on the fame of her teen problems (see other definitions) ,and got dmn near the top.She has the face of an angel,has been in great films,and cruddy films(balance is essential),and I personally think that she is the bees knees.
For Drew and a good film,watch Ever After.
by Lorna Doone May 04, 2005
Chubby fat bitch.
Fat chubby fuck.
see fat fuck.
Oh wow look at that fat bitch, she looks just like barrymore
by Pikalooka March 30, 2005
An amazing actress!!!! that is just great,and so caring! i would so love to meet her!!!!!!!!!!
Her great performance in Charlies Angels. Wow! Drew is the coolest actress eva!
by katp July 07, 2005

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