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To eat leftovers from last night's dinner for breakfast. Dreakfast is a meal eaten almost exclusively by single men living alone between the ages of 20 and 45. Women generally find the concept of dreakfast disgusting. Derived from a combination of the words "dinner" and "breakfast." The first syllable also sounds like dreck, which means disgusting or awful.
Dave's girlfriend threw a fit when she found him eating last night's pizza and tacos for dreakfast.
by Led Zeppole October 05, 2003
1. Early morning meal at a crappy diner; 2. A late night meal consisting of breakfast foods; 3. An early morning meal consisting of dinner foods.
After a late night of partying, we stopped at Nick's Diner for dreakfast.
by Shackleford, R. April 07, 2008
As for brunch and linner, dreakfast is to be taken between two regular meal times. It usually consists in eating some pasta, cup noodle or any other substantial and lazy food back from a club by the night bus, in order to absorb what you drank during the party, or when the said party began too early in the evening to eat a real dinner before leaving.
- Phew, there's nothing left to party and I'm still so drunk...
- You should have eaten before. The bus comes in fifteen minutes, better get back home and take a good dreakfast.
by Juulia November 24, 2007

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