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White young males, typically known of European ancestry. The typical "white boy" has hair colors varying from Blonde, Brown, Black, Red and other shades. Eyes also range through many colors and multi-colored. Skin varies in light skin shading from ivory to olive, typical of Italian males.

The white boys enjoy skateboarding.
by Casandra September 24, 2003
Telling lies or using corny pick up lines to impress a girl or guy to get their number, get you to fall for them, or get sex.
Yo whats up shorrrrty, where your boyfriend at I saw you across the room and ummm.... I was wondering if I could get your digits cuz you look good. You know..... I got a 2006 cadillac fresh on twenty inch rims, I get maaad dough and I'll shower you with all the diamonds you want.
by Casandra December 08, 2004
Beyond sharp, someone who is so fresh and so clean while wearing something very sleek and good looking to a perfection.You know like a guy in a white suit or woman in an elegant dress with the hair did.
Wearing the finest clothes casually, always smelling great etc...
by Casandra December 09, 2004
someone or something is being unfair,disrespectful,or just downright wrong.
My mother is drawin'
by Casandra December 21, 2004
1. making a promise to someone
2. stating that you mean what you say with all honesty.
3. agreeing
4. really? for real?
5. When someone uses a word that you use alot.
1. Baby I'm uh take you out tommorrow and that's my word.
2. I love you and care you and that's my word.
3.Dude1: Yo that chic is one bugga-lug, you feel me ?

Dude2: word.

4. Dude: Girl I wanna marry you
Girl: Word?
5. Dude1: yo that was a killa movie
Dude2: killa..... yo dats my word
by Casandra December 09, 2004
Soulfood means- food that is aten for your soul to survive, because back in the old times blacks had hard times with obtaining food to survive, so they killed chickens and pigs to create the best meal that they could to survive, grew crops so that they could eat that too,to survive the soul A.K.A to keep there stomach full so that would not starve and die, for example: you have nothing in the house so you pick tomatoes that were grown in your back yard and so on, to survive your soul.Soulfood does not have to be mastered by grandmother and great ancestors only that is not true. What is true is that soulfood pertains to black folks and the soulfood brings the family together because the soulfood goes to the heart. That is why black families who always have soulfood stick together. All soulfood is organic and is grown and then cooked or is cooked from scratch. So if you did not know what soulfood meant, now you know that this word was created from the roots, soulfood means food that you eat for your soul to survive.
Examples of soulfood are collard greens, macaroni and cheese, okra, potato salad,string beans, sweet potato pie, butta beans and so on. In the old ages blacks did not know what pasta was, because it is not a soulfood dish.
by Casandra December 24, 2004

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