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When two women are fornicating and they put their asses together, thus performing the drawbridge, the two women then shit, try to shit into each others asses making a glazed pile of human fesces that resembles a bridge when hardened (takes half an hour, then they turn this shit tool into a double dildo and fuck each other with their own shit.
Stacie and Elizabeth thought that if they draw bridging with each other they could take a shit and get out all thier horny sensations at the same time, huray shit.
by yum yum September 26, 2006
The act of taking a dump in someones anus and causeing that person to have an orgasm.
1.He loves to drawbridge.
2.Drawbridging makes me happy.
3.After we finsihed drawrbidging, we left a big mess.
4.Drawbridging can be painful, yet fun.
by moomoofreakyaleek November 27, 2005
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