When your too drunk to reply someone, you just reply them with drank.
"How're you feeling?"
by BrownieTrouble November 03, 2012
Pour up a 4oz of promethazine with codine the purple in a 20oz sprite. The syrup should act wild when poured in sprite u b leanin. Hailed from Texas
Damn nigga that drank made me Lean n Rock as fuck
by The Lawl child October 31, 2006
Look for Drink. To refer to a drinkable liquid.
Lemme buy you a drank.
Gimme some of that purple drank.
by Sir Terrence December 03, 2007
that is when u are messered up and you dont have a clue of what the sam hell your doin
Lou howell
by Lou March 24, 2004
way black people say the english word "drink"
hey girl, i like that big ass n titties. lemme buy you a drank.
by deezyweezytrainfunk December 17, 2008
drank: syrup, purple, lean, oil, juice, etc. Mayne, dranks liquid hydrocodone, promethozie, tussin, wadeva (no muthafuckin Nyquil). Ya'll take da syrup, mix it in a sprite remix, add a few jolly ranchers n' sip. sippin on syrup makes u lean (hints da name lean). Drank come from the south... TEXAS!
poe' up dat drank in dat sprite mayne.
by Dirrty D November 04, 2005
When you are out on the the town and dont pick up, you are resigned to going home and having a wank whilst still drunk.
I didn't score last night, so I just went home for a Drank.
by Eddy8323 November 17, 2009

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