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Drakkar is a type of cologne
I got some Drakkar on, all the bitches will be smelling me
by Joe da ho October 03, 2004
Singular of Drakkarim. A human or humanoid warrior in the service of the Darklords, in the Lone Wolf series.
The Drakkar leapt from the saddle as the kraan swooped over the building.
by Andy May 10, 2004
dude, sum really cheap CHEAP cologne!!! the type that can give a lady rashes n sh*t soon as she smell it on a brutha!

hahaha, no just jokin! It's a pretty good brand come to think of it. Not that cheap either. just not very well known. (^_^)
"Now if you smell like you've been at work all day... and Drakkar as in u sprayed it all over urself to mask that stank then u guessed it... YOU ARE NOT PIMPIN, FOO" ... Ludacris Lyrics from " Pimpin All Over The World"
by Rita April 24, 2005

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