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Person who portrays themselves as a member of the rainbow family,(hippie style)but really wants only to drain you of all your stash
"That dude goes to all the gatherings, but he`s really nothing but a drainbow."
Usually said with contempt.
by dogdave December 04, 2002
Someone who hangs out with a group of druggies, and mainly uses the group to mooch/sap off their drugs, alcohol or weed.
druggie #1: Oh damn, look, here comes travis!
druggie #2: He's such a drainbow, i mean, seriously, can't he get his own shit?
Travis: Hey guys, what are you doing today?
druggie #1: Smoking soon, then about ta go drink.
Travis: Oh, sick let's get on that, pass me that blunt!
druggie #2: ..............
by KKAB April 16, 2008
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