Short form of "Drain on Society" - this person tends to
1) Have no job
2) Have no ambition
3) Bring down the motivation of those around them
4) Take as much as possible from as many people as possible while simultaneously trying to do nothing
Hey " Drain ", get up and take a shower, you smell pretty bad dude.
by Gascan February 09, 2009
Lowest possible form of human life. Below a hermit. One who prefers to shit on ones chest. Term used to describe someone who is better off gouging his tongue than actually expressing his opinion.
Wow, that Drain is gayer than 8 guys blowing nine guys.
by The Boscos September 20, 2007
a hole thru which a person's life essence flows in the process of dying.
" circling the drain" " He has a firm lip- lock on the Drain"
by Pandora's snatch July 23, 2008
to take of puff of a cigg/joint or blunt
you wanna take a drain or this shit?
by The Gunslinger April 03, 2004
Drain - to go down the tubes, to get worse, to mess up
When playing games especially, "drain dude"
by mbs December 22, 2003
See shithole. Place in Oregon overinfested by hicks and ignorant slobs. Wait, that's the same thing. The home of the one cool Drain native, Tim George.
Drain? Hey, I've driven through there once. Isn't that nothing but a main street and a high school.
by Megz n Denzer July 09, 2004
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