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One who's spiritual form is that of a dragon.
See also: otherkin draconity
Example unnecessary.
by Toksyuryel March 06, 2005
See Otherkin. A person or persons who believes they are, in some sense, a dragon. This "belief" is a new fad (especially among the 14 year age group), generally used to help explain their own state of affairs.
1. This mundane world does not fit me, for I am dragon kin and dragon kin is I.

2. I am not actually a person, I am really a dragon kin.
by Otherkin4Breakfast July 10, 2004
People who believe they we're something in their past life that did not exist.
I am Dragonkin, I have memories of my past life.
by A fucking Dragon January 22, 2015
A flightless member of a dragon race, clan or flight. Can use bipedal (walks/runs on two feet) or quadrupedal (walks/runs on four feet) movement.

Not to be confused with Dragon-kin -- a mixed race dragon decedent usually human but also: demon, angel, orc, and centaur.
No example for dragonkin would be suitable as they can have many various forms, shapes, colors, horn, scale type, and leg/arm function.
by Braca January 14, 2012
A dragonkin is someone, like myself, who believes, in one way or another, that they are a dragon, or dragonic.

Usually, they were dragons in past lives, like myself (again), and they retain memories of said life. Plus, their souls are that of a dragon. But they are many more ways this could be so.

Naturally, we have met with a crapload of skepticism, and even open hostility. But this is to be expected, as it is somewhat "out there"

But I don't see other people as "lowly humans who need to be wiped out." Hell, I got a great family, friends and life. Sure, there's a few people I know who need their throats slit, but doesn't everybody know a few of those paticluar shitbags?

Anyway, all dragonkin realize their draconity through a process called "Awakening." Usually, this takes awhile, but some take the express lane. Personally, it's the seneic route for me, but I'm not complaining. The express route can sometimes lead to a dizzying load of long-forgotten memories and such. Nothing if not migrane-inducing.

And for the record, I am damn sick of seeing all these negative definations of dragonkin, and even otherkin in general. Few of us think/act like that. That's focusing on the idiots, and generalizing the main population of us. I don't give a damn if someone doesn't believe me if I told them I was a dragonkin. Everyone has their opinions, if they choose to ignore me, meh.

Finally, not a one of us, or just about anyone I know for that matter has even thought about pulling an AK-47 on a school full of people. Being dragonkin doesn't mean you want to slaughter people.

Also see: dragon, otherkin, draconity, past life, soul
John Smith realized he was a dragonkin after his Awakening.

I am a dragonkin. Just in case you didn't figure that out ;).
by Spayel. September 16, 2006
Dragonkin like Otherkin are humans that believe they have the souls of dragons and claim to have memories, and on occation claim to have magical powers. However a Dragonkin will NEVER show a non-Dragonkin their powers to prove it, nor would they show other Dragonkin because other Dragonkin are so gullible and already just as insane(And quite frankly Otherkin/Dragonkin don't have any powers in the first place.).

Dragonkin do not accept the possibility that they are mentally unstable, and will make unsupported claims that you are an ignorant human that could never hope to be as knowing as them.

Dragonkin also disregard science, and claim the world is run on magic(Not unlike Scientologists and Creationists).
WARNING: Dragonkin can cast magical spells on you to kill you, however these spells only take effect a second before you die of an unrelated cause.
by SnuggumsBear July 10, 2008

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