A form of gender play in which an individual dresses and applies makeup to exaggerate certain features. They may then display their work through "shows" in which they dance, lip-synch or or sing with their real voice (usually reserved for the more talented). Those involved are sometimes called female or male "impersonators", but usually drag queens or drag kings. Either gender may "impersonate" the other, or choose to impersonate a satired hyperbole of one's own (ie there are female drag queens). Most often, drag is a form of entertainment, and is considered by some to be an art form.
Person number one: "Oh, look, a female impersonator."
Person number two: "Drag is hardly impersonation. When was the last time you saw a female wearing that many sequains with that much hair and makeup?"
by Atropis June 21, 2006
Top Definition
Inhaling smoke from a cigarette or joint. Having a puff or hit.
"Can I bum a drag offa ya cigga."
"Here, have a drag of this spliff, it will take away all your pain."
by Diego November 05, 2003
An unwelcome sutation; a hardship;
You have to drive all the way uptwon to get him? Man, that's a drag.
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
Acronym for DRessed As a Girl. Commonly used by Transgendered persons to describe a state of overall appearence and attire.
antonym: DRAB
Before going out, I got DRAG in my new leather mini and and boots.
by Siobhan January 18, 2004
when you roast someone harshly, someone supporting you might say this word.
"Boy, yo forehead built like a helicopter landing pad"
"Oooh, drag him cuz"
by jandiyass March 31, 2015
to dress in clothing of the opposite sex for the sake of entertainment.
see drag queen, drag king,masher.
Also similar to tom,boi, tomboi
by uber zone June 06, 2003
The primary commercial street in a smaller city.
There aren't any titty bars in this town, but if there were, they would be on the main drag.
by Some Old Geezer September 10, 2006
An annoying/boring person could be concidered a "drag"
Used widely among stoners
Larry is a drag. Larry gets stoned and just stares at the wall and eats airheads.
In a sentance: "Hey you son of a bitch quit being such a drag, I'm coming off my high now"
by This guy! May 04, 2005
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