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"Double Penetration" - Often occurs while playing Modern Warfare 2. This is when you walk into a room expecting it to be empty (either by UAV, Heartbeat Sensor or just by a guess) and instead you are shot to shit by 2 or more enemies at once. Can also be used to describe defeat by a large amount.
Dude, I walked in and was instantly double penetrated...don't go in there.

Yea they DP'd the shit outta me every round so now I'm gonna be a running pistol bitch.

Holy shit we got DP'd...
by Andacious June 02, 2010
1. Double Penetration, most often used in sexual content, can be used to describe a ho or someone that's hot
2. Used to describe something amazing or awesome
3. Mad Props
"amazing DP's"


"dude, last night I was with these two girls and it was just like OMG DP DP"
by GammaAlphaYoda May 20, 2009
Double Penetration: when a guy takes two cocks up his ass.
Scott's ass is a man eater he needs to be DPed with two big cocks up his ass to get off.
by david000s April 14, 2009
DP (Noun) A sexy ass bitch (adjective) badass mofo.
Have you seen that Dani Paris?" "Omg that was so DP
by W.E.know November 17, 2010
Double Pokemon, or the act of fighting with 2 Pokemon simultaneously.
I really wanted to have a DP battle.
by suave dave September 25, 2010
when 2 people at the same location im 1 person from 2 separate aim accounts
Can you believe Chris and Brent dp'ed Lou from Justin's crib
by Mad Lou June 21, 2010
Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA

(not to be confused with other common definitions for DP)
"Man, it's such a nice day."
"totally, let's to go to DP."
by thizzlina April 10, 2010