A term used by computer illiterate people to describe every action they do on the computer.
They think they sound like they know what they are doing and are computer-smart, but in reality, they're complete morons.
I downloaded the report to my boss.

Do you know how to download these mp3's on my desktop to a CD so I can play them on my walkman?
by Janis December 10, 2004
Getting a BJ when taking a shit.
Person 1.Richie got a BJ while taking a shit.
Person 2. You mean a Download?
Person 1. Exactaly.
by nagboy92 June 10, 2009
Commonly referred to as the transfer of files in computing. During copulation, the male proceeds to 'download' at the height of arousal - preferably upon the girl.
Naija Guy F: My guy, wat's goin' on, wat you doin' tonight?

Naija Guy T: I'm jus' wit' one babe here, now.

Naija Guy F: Ah, ah! Weitin' you dey do wit' am?

Naija Guy T: (Kisses his teeth) I wan' to download in her mouth.
by fem grizzly October 10, 2006
What some duh-weebs need to do with a life.
Some duh-weebs can't seem to get a life, so they need to download one.
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
To keep something secret. To hide something that is meant to be a secret, or heavy gossip.
Maria: "Oh, my god! You and Kayla made-out? Don't you have a girlfriend though?!"
Justin: "Girl, keep it on a download!"
by Scarlett Franchesca April 04, 2008
to masuturbate or please the penis with a hand...
Luis Cooper had to download in nori's bedroom...
The act of "having a black kid", "pinching a loaf", or "prarie doggin' it" into ones mouth.
I am "prarie doggin' it" in my girlfriends mouth.
by Joe Peshee October 27, 2003

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