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1. sensible; practical
2. geniune
She's a really down to earth person
by bird July 15, 2004
A female who is often on her knees and can be identified by the dirt stains on the Knees of her TNA pants.
Ryan: Alexandra is so Down to Earth man. You wouldn't believe

Kyle: Oh yea?

Ryan: Yeah, i heard she's been with half the senior basketball team.
#slut #hoe #down to earth #butch #booty #blowjob #blowie #69 #cunt #whore #vagina
by The real brotip December 15, 2011
I can't afford my rent, I'm a "down to earth" kinda guy
#broke #easy #simple #lazy #calm
by Yommy June 10, 2011
Someone basic, attached to day by day issues, ruled by the common sense. Not a dreamer or idealistic, not into the creative field or the Arts. Usually connoted with one either without studies or a especial knowledge or intellectual skill. In some context you may use it to express ones singular act, but not the person them self.
I'm quite down to earth: eating, drinking, fucking and sleeping are my life.

She's too down to earth you may need to do a drawing, so she may understand.

Lincoln used to plant his own garden.

This book is really down to earth; any child can read it.
#basic #common #easy #uninteresting #boring
by down to earth 1 March 14, 2010
An grossly overused, idiotic phrase which technically means "one who has no imagination." The funny thing is, the type of people who generally assign this quality to themselves are the artsy-creative type. To many drugs will do that too you.

The quality users are trying to express is: genuine, real.
That guy is really "down to Earth..." oh he is huh? well thank god he is not "up on Mars."
#genuine #real #organic #true #emo
by yea, uh no. November 27, 2006
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