Shortened form of 'downtown.'

In NYC drug slang, 'downtown' is heroin.

To help speed-up business transactions, saying what you want, as quickly as possible, helps all involved.
Conversation with dealer:

Dealer: 'what do you need?'
Customer: 'just gimme two down, for now.'
by UNOwenNYC May 07, 2012
The Downs is short for Down Syndrome, a genetic affliction that affects over 90% of Lol players. This unfortunate condition means that afflicted players do not understand anything at all and are unable to talk. This causes a 100% lose rate if you have a person with the Downs on your team, no matter how hard you carry. Fortunately scientists are hard at work attempting to fix this debilitating illness.
0-14-2 Ryze solo mid..... Teemo pushing lane with no tower and generally anyone who doesnt understand laning basics and map awareness has a case of the Downs.
by NIKKUHDERP February 06, 2011
The days when your sick and its grey and raining outside there's no one to talk to and everyone is busy until later so all you can do is think about all the negatives and lay in bed.
Person who is down: I feel so drained I need to talk to someone

(Sends text to friends)

Message: "hey :)"

Five hours later: "hey.."
by pumpkinandgingy September 28, 2011
To be locked up or incarcerated, used widely in Philly
E:Damn man my nigga's down right now
T: For real what for?
E: Traffickin
by PPiff March 25, 2010
1. Describes someone you trust fully, especially in a troublesome situation that must be kept secret from others.
2. Someone who has your back no matter what.
3. A friend who will do anything to help you when the shit hits the fan.
4. A friend who will not freak out when you ask them to do something sketchy for you.
1. It was 11 pm on a Friday night and I needed someone to bring me rubber gloves, a bunch of trash bags and a mop. I called Carine because she is down.

2. I got arrested for something stupid and needed bail money. I called Gretz. Gretz is down. He came through for me.
by PieChart503 August 17, 2013
Having the next game in beer pong, most commonly used in Southwest Florida
I wanna go next! No i have downs!
by chacha10000 December 06, 2011
Short for Down-syndrome. The term is commonly used to label bronies, or also known has the mentally ill people who watch the show My Little Pony or to what they refer to as, MLP. The term is also commonly used on really stupid people on the internet that try to troll.
Anti Brony: Ewww look a brony! Stay away he has downs.
Normal Person: Now that I think of it...bronies do have downs! Ahhhhh! Run!
by Trjx March 30, 2014
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