the opposite of up
reach down and touch your toes
#down #up #north #south #floor
by Mike wazowski the first January 04, 2010
In, part of the group or thing going on
1. He's down with us
2. She's down for her shit
by TFS July 24, 2005
The ultra soft, ultra warm, non flight feathers found in ducks, geese, and other fowl, used in pillows, comforters, jackets, and other items where warmth and lightness are important. Down is measured in fill power.
Mmm, that's a warm down comforter. I bet you could sleep naked with that!
by michael November 11, 2003
Downs: used to announce intentions of going next.
Origin: a term coined by the South Florida basketball scene but maybe applied to a wider range of usages
Usage: "ai nigga you know i got downs for next game, lemme get that gamecube controller son"
Tyrone called downs for the next street basketball game.
Tyree called downs on the library computer cuz he can't afford his own.
#next #downs #basketball #gangsta #florida #son #tyrone
by Tyrone aka Smelly Jamal January 14, 2007
A girl who is good to go - with pretty much anyone.
That girl is definitely down.
#whore #slut #paper intern #ohio state sorority girl #zanesville
by dirty whore lover February 19, 2006
Military and law enforcement term for what happens after you are shot with a Hydra Shok
SWAT Officer 1: Hostile down.
SWAT Officer 2: His brains splattered on the wall looks like two people dancing.
SWAT Officer 1: Yeah, now that you say it, it does sorta look like that.
by 5p1k3 November 19, 2003
locked up
in jail or prison
"where's ray ray?"
"nah, yo he's down"
by randy's girl April 08, 2004
let get down
on the dance flo lets get DOWN
by angela October 07, 2003
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