Any type of cigar (expensive or cheap), that can be smoked.
Bro #1: Yo man, you wanna smoke some doves?

Bro #2: Yeah dude, sounds like a good time.
by Psweet April 05, 2010
a hundred dollar bill...
he threw a couple doves at her when dropped her tail to the ground
by sam02120 March 05, 2016
a word used to describe someone who doesn't have much sexual experience or someone who's old and still a virgin. The term comes from the idea that doves are white and pure, much like someone who doesn't have experience.
Girl 1: OMG did you know Drew's still a virgin?

Girl 2: Lol he's such a dove.
by shredderss July 26, 2014
an expression of affection. Means honey, love, dear, sweet heart.
Hey dove, how are you today?
oh I missed you dove!
by Caraíbas November 25, 2011
The presence of the Holy Spirit.
That Dove is holding a olive branch there must be land near by!
by no.10 February 16, 2011
A good, friend, acquaintance and/or partisan that has many things in common.

Antonym: Coot
A: Where you at dove?
B: Back at the nest watching the coots putt dove!
A: Alright see you in a minute dove.
B: Hurry up or I'm going to call you a Coot, Dove!
by Nicktor January 04, 2011
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