Noun: A person who eats a lot.
Verb: The act of eating a lot.
Today, I saw a dougle(Noun). Then I got inspired to dougle(Verb) it out.

Dude, I saw a nom-nom, then a dougle, then a super-sized dougle all walking together in a pack. I wish I could've video taped it. That would've been too legit to quit.
by dougle_to_the_max September 28, 2010
Top Definition
Dougles (plural: Dougles') : a person of great masculinity, awesomeness, sexiness, badassary and sweetness.
Ex: I met this guy at the bar the other night, he was such a Dougles!

or: "Let's get outta this place, there's no cute Dougles' around."
by Chupacabra203 October 10, 2010
get the dildo app from the app store and a fairly good looking lady. when your fuckin her take your iphone and double penetrate her in the butt with the dildo app. enjoy.
Yo Will. I finally was able to dougles a chick last night.

Yo Taylor. I douglesed the shit out of that chick i met at the bar last rocked.
by TBone Job December 07, 2008
1. To do something stupid that ends up resulting in success.
2. To play a poor starting hand in Texas Hold'em only to luck out and end up with a good hand.
3. Playing poor starting hand as stated above and after lucking out, celebrating victory as a result of skill rather than skill.
4. Basically it means you're a moron.

dougles, dougling, dougled, douglage, dougler
1. Doc shot a 3 pointer when guarded by 3 people that bounced off the floor, then the backboard, and then went in.
2. Doug dougled when he ended up beating my pocket aces when his 7-2 offsuit resulted in 2 pairs.
3. After Jimbo's lucky win with 2-3 offsuit against Billy Bob's pocket 5's, he then dougled and rubbed it in Billy Bob's face.
4. You are a dougler.
by Bebop April 13, 2005
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