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Used to describe high quality marijuana. Also reffered to as "dro", "chronic" and other nicknames
Man this is gonna cost you a bit more, it's some straight doughty!
by Jon Mohon October 02, 2006
53 17
An expired pseudonym for Mike Doughty, sole Guardian, and perpetuator of the Small Rock. Was once front man of Soul Coughing.

See also Mike Doughty, M Doughty
I saw Doughty perform "Firetruck" last night, I swear to god my nipples exploded.
by Scott Baio March 23, 2005
17 11
A very slow spacey kind of person. Could be considered stupid or strange. Or not all there!
that kid is so doughty
by candace bots October 12, 2011
4 8
A person that is ignorant to his friends and does stuff without inviting them. A real asshole.
Hey dude you wanna get a pass to gym?

Hell no you are a goddamn doughty
by dick lick March 12, 2005
14 29
One who fucks fat folded floppy titty freaks Named Stepany!!!. ALso Has acorns for muscles. He also thinks hes good and has no friends. And loves double anal fisting....and loves the fuck stick most of all
Man that guy is loose he had a doughty pulled on his asshole last night.
by wilma dickfit March 11, 2005
11 46