Sexual intercourse between two male police officers
Chris and Charlie were on a regular patrol and when they stopped for a quick doughnut, the mix got a bit thick, before they knew it they're at it. Doughnutting.
by Benji Vincett October 15, 2006
Top Definition
Practice used in televised sessions in the UK's House of Commons (and other places) of surrounding the speaker at any one time with a coterie of camp followers who would yell "hear hear" and other such things. This would hopefully work to distract the cameraman's attention from the facts that firstly, most of the seats in the chamber would be empty, and secondly most of the remainder would be occupied by MPs who were filling in crosswords, sleeping, or otherwise unengaged in parliamentary business.
Expect lots more doughnutting around Gordon Brown in the next year or two.
by Fearman November 18, 2007
To use a colleague's computer to send an group or all-staff email offering free doughnuts. Often used as a punishment for not securing your computer.
Our head of IT makes a practice of doughnutting people who forget to lock their computers.
by Hand-E-Food November 10, 2014
Dipping your gonads in frosting and slapping them in someone's face
Yo man did you see Jim got doughnutted last night? I told him to look out for that, people have been doughnutting like crazy lately
by Cap'n doughnut June 04, 2016
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