A person with a fat 'bread-dough' like ass. Your finger will disappear when you poke it in
- just like poking a ball of warm bread dough!
I was at Walmart and couldn't get down the aisle because
this dough ass was in my way.
by John Peskey November 11, 2006
Function: noun
1. insult: similar to dumbass, doofus, dork, idiot, dipshit, etc.

2. insult: specifically someone of privileged, wealthy, or othewise sheltered upbringing who lacks practical experience and street smarts and as a result comes off as an idiot when faced with real-world challenges
1. That kid we went camping with put his tent right next to the fire and the whole side of it melted. What a doughass.
by Chad Baker April 12, 2005

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