One who is utterly and indefinetly asinine in everything that he/she does in life. Also a complete failure and annoyance to all.
That fag is such a douchewaffle, his shit isn't fuckin' funny and he is a dick.
by War1986 May 04, 2005
Donald Trump.
He can economically fix the country but the douchewaffle has gone bankrupt himself.
by ex yankee boy May 02, 2016
Really big douchebag. Usually a guy who looks like some sort of animal.
Girl1: did you hear what cj did?

girl1: no?

girl1:He fucked brit, then dumped her!

by gobblegobblegobble0721 October 24, 2011
1. an insult to a person who really sucks & is a complete idiotic lame ass.
2. a person who is an waffles i.e. flip-flops about douching
1. Those fucking DoucheWaffles on the boat over there have been playing Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here" on repeat all day long, how fucking lame!

2. Come on its not that big a deal lots of people douche don't be such a DoucheWaffle!
by Pinkerton Detective October 21, 2010
It is a "breakfast swear" as defined by me and my friends this past summer!! I thought I created the word, and we argued over whether or not it could be used during the day, or just in the morning.
You suck at life, you douchewaffle. Or...Josh is a douchewaffle. Or...Go eat a douchewaffle, douchewaffle.
by JonnyMat October 19, 2004
A name derived from a young man in the early years of 2004. The term is used to insult someone, but instead of sayin douche bag or just plain douche, douche waffle came tumbling out of this young mans mouth. The word refers to one being a douche shaped as a waffle, or that smells like a waffle, or a douche that tastes like a waffle.

Also see: Douche, douche nugget, douche bag, douche salad, and douche bucket
A: Hey I want a waffle!
A: What?
by douche waffle March 24, 2005
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