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Where even being considered a douchewaffle falls short of defining what level of incompetence is trying to be conveyed, as the Belgian waffle compares to the ordinary waffle in that a Belgian waffle is a type of waffle identified by its larger size, lighter batter and higher grid pattern which forms deep pockets and has larger squares.
Hence the Belgian douchewaffle connotes a superlative of the standard douchewaffle in any of its previous and future forms.
You drank the last beer and puked it??
You Belgian douchewaffle!!

You get sprayed by the skunk while trying to feed it?
You Belgian douchewaffle!!

You took her home and it was a him?
You Belgian Douchewaffle!!

You barfed during your roadside sobriety test?
You Belgian douchewaffle!!

You scored worse than that douchewaffle on the SAT?
You Belgian douchewaffle!!
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