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A gaggle of douchebags, merrily riffing off each other's douchery, blissfully aware of how utterly douchetastic they come across.
Choo-choo! Douchetrain coming through.
by C.E. Phalic September 30, 2013
Similar to douche or douchebag. A douchetrain thinks much more highly of himself than the general population. He also engages in the practice of douchebaggery.

A douchetrain commonly ends sentences with phrases like "bro" and "kiddo."

Douchetrains don't go out for a few beers. They go out for vodka tonics and vodka redbulls.
"I think some of the 'product' from that douchetrain's hair dripped on me when I walked by."
by DURANT April 24, 2007
Bumpo's favourite word at Kilcoo,
I, (Shaker) made it up.
It is another way to call someone a douche,
but douche-train is something bigger than a
douche, and it is much better than a douche bag.
"Chugga Chugga Douche Douche"
"You're a douche train"
by Shaker Grandy June 13, 2008
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