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A contraction of "douche" and "fantastic". Something displaying the qualities of a douche to an extreme or fantastic degree could be described as douchetastic.
"Elf", starring Will Farrel, is a douchetastic movie, because Will Farrel is a douche, and only other douches think he's funny.
by Yuliq M'diq December 25, 2004
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(Noun) Behavior patterns displayed by the sociopathic Senator from Connecticut and ‘political party of one’ who is willing to defy the will of over 250 million people and kill 45,000 people a year to punish liberals for defeating his sorry arse in a primary just to throw a bone to the lobbyist who is paid to 'bang' him. Photo inset: Joseph Lieberman (I-CT).
Joseph Lieberman is utterly douche-tastic.
by rladlof December 16, 2009
someone or something so horribly douche-y and over confident for no reason that it is ridiculous
"is that zach troyer?"
"yeah, he is really douchetastic."
by hannah and anna July 07, 2006
1. When something is so lame, it only appeals to douches. Usually the only followers, consumers, believers or participants will be douches.


2. When something is so lame, it acts like a magnet for douches, bring them and their uptightness, funny egos, bad jokes and bad dress sense along.
1. Dwane: that 500 point Charazard on World of warcraft really got me going. You should really start playing world of warcraft, wearing cartoon t-shirts and listening to the same 5 songs on repeat.

Evan: So you all went to the church to play world of war craft and fiddle with each others testicals, Douchetastic!

2. We had been going to this animation conference for a long time, but all of a sudden, the place started to smell of aftershave, deodorant and douche. Too many people were wearing C Dos, C Dos Run, Run Dos Run T-shirts and everyone was talking about anime and japanese animation. It was truley Douchetastic. We stopped going.
by Prof.Old.Clowns.Pocket April 17, 2010
when someone who is normally an idiot does something uncharacteristically well.
Phil usually makes an ass of himself at meetings, but today he was douchetastic!
by master bean flicker April 24, 2010
(adj): elite level of douchebaggery rarely found in a person, place, or thing...
His faux hawk with blonde highlighted tips is very douchetastic
by chocolate-wanger January 02, 2012
the act of being a douchydouch; see also: kayleigh's dad
"wow, i cant beleive he's being so douchetastic, god damn"
by rfizhere October 23, 2008

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