The co-existence of douchebag and retard qualities in a person. Generally someone who fails to realize how stupid they are, and this lack of self awareness contributes to how amazingly annoying they are.
Bob: 2 + 3 = 6
Joe: no, its 5
Bob: no, its 6
Joe: no, its 5
Bob: I'm not gonna argue with you, it's 6. Why don't you go back to school and learn arithmetic. Or better yet, just count it out on your fingers.
Joe: You're such a douchetard
by W54th8X August 06, 2010
A compound word describing both a douche and retard mixed together. Usually describing that of a person who has done something idiotic like.
1. You're such a douchetard!
2. Look at that douchetard over there trying to jump in the mud puddle.
by erwix August 16, 2010
A majorly retarded douche-bag. Self explanatory.
Russ Thompson can be a major douche-tard at parties.
by WouldntULikeToKnow August 31, 2014
Douchetard is a combination of douchebag and retard.

It works on so many levels because, when you are speaking to someone who is both a douchebag and a retard, you certainly don't want to lose any more time than you have to.

As an added bonus for montrealers, douchetard is close enough to Couchetard that you'll say it without even noticing.
Derek: Omg, did you see Demi Lovato's new hair?

Alice: Derek, you're such a fucking douchetard.
by popcycles June 19, 2010
Contraction. A complete moron who does things that make them out to be more than a douchebag or a retard.
A. "Man, I can't believe he sent you the wrong text message, and it was soooo awful"
B. "I can believe it. He is a douchetard".
by theguruofawesome September 25, 2010
a resident of Montreal who is both a douche and a retard by being a jerk because they "nuh speeek engleeesh"
Frank: Man, that jerk at the front desk gave us a hard time with our hotel room just cuz we're anglophone.

Gary: Ya, what a douche-tard.

Ryan: First person we meet and it's a douche-tard. What are the chances?

Arthur: Actually, the chances are very high. Most people in Montreal are douche-tards because they are frustrated that they "nuh speeek engleeesh".

Frank, Ryan, Gary: Haha.
by Fugues May 02, 2010
A cross between a douchebag and a retard.
He's worse than an asshole. He's a real douchetard.
by Blacksophiecat November 10, 2013

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