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A common hair style choice of douchebags in which a full head of hair is manipulated in such a way as to simulate a mohawk. Typically, a douchehawk is employed to imply that in an alternate universe one might consider expressing a rebellious attitude via their hair, but the current status quo forbids it. Douchehawks can be seen at Republican Youth rallies, frat parties, and Rascal Flatts concerts.
"Well then, that's a finely crafted douchehawk you've got there, frosted tips and everything! It complements the popped collar on you pink Polo shirt! You've really got a knack for appearing subversive while retaining the hair on the sides of your head!"

"Yo, thankz, brah. I'm working on my flavor-saver next!"
by guerrillajoey December 11, 2009
The greasy looking dangerously spiky hairdo, as brought to prominence by shows like "growing up Gotti", as worn by young italian or wannab-italians from Jersey...also prone to over doing it with self-tanner, regardless of an outcome that doesn't quite look "natural", more like orange. Sometimes used to describe the individual as a result of the haircut
"Bro, look at the pair of douchehawks across the street"
"Yeah man, the white wifebeaters really offset their orange skin...hurts my eyes"
by rhinoze September 17, 2008
A rebellious haircut on a douche bag who doesn't realize he's not a rebel, aka punk.
Barber: So what will it be?
Douche Bag: Let me get a tapery mohawk with a lineup.
Barber: Douche Hawk it is!
by RobAbe April 14, 2011
A douchey mohawk; a mohawk that exhibits douche bag like qualities.
Did you see the guy with the douchehawk?
by FittiFitti March 22, 2009
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