1 - About the lowest form of human being around, lower than a douche-bag (douche bag) or fucker/fuckwad, etc...

2 - A person who engages in sexual activity with a used douchebag.
Tom Cruise sure did turn into a douche-fuck as of late...
by J. B. Baby April 25, 2006
a person who is a complete jack ass. douche wasnt a good enough insult so you have to add fuck to make it worse. douche fuck is your typical jock ego-maniac person that is a player or douche lord.
"gosh your ex is such a douche fuck"
"i know i was to good for him anyway"
by miss ozz February 06, 2010
a stupid, annoying person.

bitches about everything possible.

thinks they are amazing, will refer to you as "my girl", don't expect to be called by your name by a douchefuck.
by porkchops are us May 07, 2012
when someone goes and tells their mom what EVERY single, little thing their sister does...just to get them in trouble. and the enjoy it.
claire was a total douchefuck to jenna yesterday.
by heygirlhey November 12, 2007
A combination of the words "douchebag" and "fucktard" (a fucking retard). It is a very big insult and should not be taken lightly.
David: No, I don't know and I'm not going.
David: Whatever. What does Mainstream mean?
Ashley: I am disappoint, son. I am disappoint.
by theElusiveReality||tumblr May 22, 2011
a douchebag/dumbfuck combo rolled into one package.
Person 1: "Drew ate the whole pizza, he didn't leave any for us."
Person 2: "What a douche fuck!"
by crazyblond94913 October 20, 2010
When Douchebag Isnt Enough To Explain Someones Retardidness
Some Dude: Guys, I Gotta Tell You A Secret. . . I Like It When Girls Hit Me
Everyone Else: You DoucheFuck
by Bgd Mice December 02, 2007

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