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an awesomely amusing, newfangled take on the word "douche". if someone calls you a douchefruit (like, for example, elsa) it means that you are a waste of space and quite possibly have weird, fruity habits. it is in no way a homophobic implication. douchefruit can also be used as a term for the spawn of a douche; the fruit from a douche's loins, etc.etc. not that douche's get any, but if a douche WERE to get some and procreate, their spawn would be douchefruit. Also, if you call someone douchefruit, it's two insults in one- you're dissing their parents while simultaneously dissing them. Congrats. Elsa created this phrase.
Fuck off douchefruit, you skin-waster.
Get your douchefruit away from my child!
by fairyblonde February 09, 2008
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