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a douchebag-like person, basically a douchebag from Northern New York State who does something to either piss you off or cause you hardship. An alternative to douchebag in the North Country.
Man, you know Travis, he was being a douchebag, but the real asswipe of the group was that mustached, douchefaucet Frank with his prick facial hair. He looked as much of an asshole as he acted.
by Ry@n February 15, 2008
When a person is cool or fun to be around most of a time, but occasionally will turn on his or her douche faucet and the doucheness will just flow out without stopping.
Chris: Dude, we were at "the party" and Joey just totally turned on his douche faucet, pushed me in the pool, called Connor a fatty, paid in pennies for 18 bags of chips at the store, then mugged a chinese immigrant, molested a three year old, and punched a mexican prostitute in the face!

Nik: What a douche faucet!

Geoff: I think Joey's douche faucet is taped down in the "on" position.
by Always 777 June 12, 2011
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