Someone that either gets on your nerves or is just a fucking bag of douche. You know that one person. He's even more of a douche than a douche bag, he's a douche nozzle. He has no idea that he's being an idiot and is not suave in any way.
Person 1: Jim talked my ear off about his "episode" last night with Sheila with all the gory details. Fuckin' skank.

Person 2: What a fuckin' douche nozzle!
by Not1douche March 04, 2009
One who is worse than your normal douche-bag.
That dumbass frat boy with his popped collar, gelled hair, and 2 polo shirts is a douche-nozzle.
by TomS. October 30, 2006
Kayne West at the VMA's.
The douche nozzle interrupted Taylor Swift in her speech.
by Aquafresh6 March 22, 2010
the dirty part of the douche that goes in the twat
your a douche-nozzle
by paige January 18, 2005
Someone who displays a high grade of douchiness. Calling someone a douche nozzle may be needed if a simple "douche" just doesnt cut it.
Wow. Tori is a real douche nozzle for cock blocking.
by SO84 March 06, 2009
Surpassing the level of a douche bag.
He's more than a douche bag - he's a douche nozzle.
by Homieshenna July 24, 2009
(adj.)- the next step up from being a douche bag, usually a nosy bastard.
Guy: Yea, I boned that chick. And when I was done I gave her a Houdini
Chick: Why're you telling me this?! You're such a DOUCHE NOZZLE!
by Anubis Uriel April 24, 2009

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