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The bumps you get from seeing a hair-raising douchebag. Usually brought on by the "douche chills."
Brrr. CDC, that dude gives me the douche bumps.
by Unflappable May 08, 2006
A bump on the skin, normally on the skin at the back of the neck, that appears when you are surrounded by douche bags or when you encounter a particularly-huge douche bag.

douche douche bag douche bumps
Whenever that douche bag Hansell is around, Tim gets a huge douche bump on the back of his neck.
by jjmills April 26, 2007
(n.) A condition which occurs while or directly following the witnessing of an action of or statement by a person who would fit the description of a douche bag. Usually tied to the emotional sensation of being embarrassed on behalf of another person because whatever they just did was packed full of douchery. Sometimes accompanied by the phrase "are you fucking kidding me?" and a sour facial expression.
Josh: I can't come to the party tonight dude, I gotta get my burn on at the gym. Plus I just got that new Dave Matthews. Yeah!

Eavesdropping bystander: Wow. I just got douchebumps.
by christenapril March 14, 2010
The tingly, nauseated physical sensation you experience in the presence of a douchebag or an act of douchebaggery.
I ran into Dylan at the bar, which was totally lame. After how he treated Madison, just the sound of his voice is enough to give me douchebumps.
by disgruntledgoat April 19, 2007
A sensation that one feels in the skin when you are surrounded by a room of douche bags or particularly douchy douchetastics. The sensation can usually be overcome by immediately removing yourself from the company of any douchebags.
Jimmy, duck so douchetastic doesn't see us over here and talk to us about his douche bag life. I'm trying to avoid another case of douche bumps.
by Bling (the original) April 26, 2007
Metaphorical description used to describe the negative visceral reaction/response one feels when in the company of a douche/douchebag.
I can't stand that guy. He gives me douche bumps.
by ric scu May 26, 2014
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