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Noun. dōōsh beerd An over-trimmed beard, resembling a chin-strap and stopping at the chin or just above the neck.

Commonly sported by (but not limited to) beta-males in urban areas, the douche beard has spread into the realm of effete Jr. College wannabes and self-hating white hip-hop poseurs.

Douche beards are the mullets of this millennium and should be relegated to men of Asian and Latin descent who lack sufficient facial hair follicles to grow a full beard. Anyone else electively grooming their facial hair in this manner is immediately subject of ridicule and derision and of questionable taste/intellect.
Hey- if gonna have a beard then commit to a beard. Don't be a tool and sport douche beard; otherwise you'll look like K-fed, Timberlake or Turtle.
by firingprone September 22, 2009
A pencil thin beard. Sometimes refered to as "Chin Straps". This beard is often worn by douche bags that wear hats turned 3/4s backwards and drive imported right-hand drive cars in north america.
This Guy: Look at that kid over there, not only is he a right hand douche he is also rocking a douche beard.

That Guy: Wow.
by thatguy?thisguy! March 20, 2009
A beard that is not fully grown in and is trying to be pulled off as cool; A very small, unattractive strip of hair on a man's chin.
"Hey man can you believe Stephen has a beard now?"

"Naww man, thats just a douchebeard."
by Lil' C Wild Card April 06, 2010
A bushy, shitty-looking beard that is worn by weak men to make themselves look bigger.
Dude bro, your douche beard is coming in! You should probably get some plaid shirts or a tattoo of a blue whale or something before enrolling in culinary school!
by jbirneycrum May 22, 2015
The pencil-thin mini-beard worn exclusively by douche bags. Commonly identified by an overly symmetrical, millimeter-thin stripe of facial hair on a guy in an Ed Hardy shirt.

Examples include Ali G, that douchey guy from The Backstreet Boys, and guys who purse their lips for photos. See also "Jersey Shore."

Often accompanied by excessive Drakkar Noir cologne, Overuse of Axe body spray, blingy diamond earrings, and those shaved-in hair stripes, like MC Hammer or Bobby Brown.
"A guy sporting a douche beard totally wears bikini briefs."

"Never trust a man who wears a douche beard."
by Go-Dog-Go April 01, 2010
A full beard and sideburns with a mustache that may or may not be trimmed that is worn my a man with a bald head.
Chris Daughtry often sports a douche beard
by Bigs73 June 27, 2014
A douche bag with a full beard or chin strap.

A fat douche bag with a full beard or chin strap.

The beard is dirty. It will usually contain some food particles or maybe even insects.

Picture a douche bag with a dirty Abe Lincoln style facial hair.
Rick: Look at that guys douche beard
Tom: Its nasty dude, I saw him eat a bean from it
by my_cack November 02, 2009
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