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1 definition by firingprone

Noun. dōōsh beerd An over-trimmed beard, resembling a chin-strap and stopping at the chin or just above the neck.

Commonly sported by (but not limited to) beta-males in urban areas, the douche beard has spread into the realm of effete Jr. College wannabes and self-hating white hip-hop poseurs.

Douche beards are the mullets of this millennium and should be relegated to men of Asian and Latin descent who lack sufficient facial hair follicles to grow a full beard. Anyone else electively grooming their facial hair in this manner is immediately subject of ridicule and derision and of questionable taste/intellect.
Hey- if gonna have a beard then commit to a beard. Don't be a tool and sport douche beard; otherwise you'll look like K-fed, Timberlake or Turtle.
by firingprone September 22, 2009