When ever someone makes an asshole statement so harsh you cant think of any comeback just say Douché.

Like Touché but with a D.
"Hey dave!"
"Shut the fuck up and suck my dick white boy."
by dadtouchedme April 12, 2010
someone who gets a slap in the face from a hand that touched a wet ass
ahh man you just got douched
by tagnew April 06, 2010
Pronounced (dou·ché)
An expression that acknowledges a douche remark that was a clear low-blow.
-Hey too bad nobody likes you.
-Touché, I'm not well liked.
-More like douché!
by OneLove1 April 05, 2010
everyone you dislike or don't care about around you
buddy: dude look! it's John! over there!
you: ughh... that douche... fuckin hate the guy
buddy: word.
by pahk the cah brah! February 24, 2010
A device containing vinegar used for cleaning a dirty and/or smelly vagina. Dirty vagina could be caused by having excessive sexual conduct with one or many partners prior to showering. Smelly vagina could be caused by not washing a dirty vagina. Some vagina are just smelly and need a douche anyway.
Person1: Wow, Nick smells like vinegar or possibly a dirty vagina.

Person2: Yeah I think he is a douche.
by melsie February 15, 2010
* The french word for a shower
* Used for the cleaning of vaginas
* What many people say to one another
* A funny word

* Also see douchebag
"Go use some douche, you stink"
"Your a douche, just kidding!"
by FrenchBrunette5 January 07, 2010
This is when you admit that someone's insult was a very witty and funny one.
(Tim and Nick are midway through an argument)

Tim: Well Fuck You!

Nick:Suck My Balls!

Tim:No im good your Mom already did that last night.

Nick: Douché.
by Vlad von Veggieburgur December 06, 2009

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