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The pronounciation of the acronym wtf. Usually spoken by the vets of online gaming who've also seen the End of Ze World video.
"Double-you-tee-eff mate?!"
by Hadraniel January 10, 2005
pronunciation of the internet slang "wtf" meaning "what the fuck"
double-you-tee-eff just happened?!?
by Mr. S-N-V-G-M June 18, 2004
The elogated form of wtf, without actually saying "what the fuck?"
Double you tee eff! Why did you just say that you idiot?!?!
by Fifi December 23, 2004
the phonetic names of the letters W, T, and F. See wtf.
Doubleyou tee eff, mate?!
by edski February 13, 2006
The written-out spelling of 'WTF', meaning 'what the fuck'.
"doubleyouteeeff, mate?"
by imapunchuinthanose July 16, 2008
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