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The pronounciation of the acronym wtf. Usually spoken by the vets of online gaming who've also seen the End of Ze World video.
"Double-you-tee-eff mate?!"
by Hadraniel January 10, 2005
Whinetit is frankly a little bitch on the internet who is usually one of those scrubs yelling "0MFG H4X0|2 IMMA S3ND A VI|2U5 IN UR COMPUTER!". Given to people because of the fact that they whine like little babies who don't have a titty in there mouth to shut them up.
"Stfu, whinetit."
by Hadraniel January 10, 2005
An extra disgusting-brand of crap. Possibly causing one to lose a pound or two.
"Dude, I dropped a pound and a half with the trout I just dropped."

"Flush the dukie man, and light a match!"
by Hadraniel January 10, 2005
Independent Hip-Hop Artist who breaks all ground in poetry to further break the vines off our country and it's perception towards ideas, thoughts and situations expressed through his tracks. Incredibly skillfull, an asshole in audio but a class act in concert, a bearded crusader of wordplay for emo kids to finally relate (to hip-hop) to without painting their faces is mascara. Above all else, one of the most intelligent humans beings to grace the microphone, and truly deserves the title of Mover of the Crowd (MC).

Climb Trees, from Portland Oregon.
"So different (so they say), different like a platypus, analytical analyst. By the end of this record I'll make sure all of y'all know who Sage Francis is."
by Hadraniel November 04, 2005

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