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See double-banged.

Double-banked is an incorrect term for double-banged. To be double-banged is to be assualted by 2 people.
She said 'Hey did you see that guy's head? He got double-banked!'

He said 'No he didn't, that doesn't make sense. I think you mean double-banged... You're joobbadee.'
#double-banged #wrong term #nyira lippi #bashed #triple-banged
by Yumma Weena November 26, 2013
5 Words related to double-banked
when you get jumped by at least two people who whip yo ass
Yesterday my son Tyrone was down in the projects and he got double-banked by two tricks who he was tryin to holla at.
by uswoomon August 22, 2003
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