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1. Australian Police term used when a person has been given a fine and a defect, or two fines in the same incident, for a similar offence. A person is generally double-banged because Police have a dislike of that person due to previous dealings, that person is a drug dealer or scumbag, or they are rude to Police while doing their job.

2. Relates to a person (read 'victim'), often drunk' who was assaulted by two other people. The person being assualted is often unaware why they were assualted, or feel it was completely unprovoked.
1. When a Police Officer issues a member of the public a fine and also defects their car, in the same incident. Generally, the motor vehicle is usuaully defected first, then a fine is issued for having driven a motor vehicle which had breached motor vehicle standards while driven on a road or road related area e.g. bald tyres. A person is likely to get double-banged after firstly arguing with, or abusing Police while performing their duties. If you get double-banged, you have failured the 'Attitude Test'...

2. I just double-banged that truckie. He failed the 'Attitude Test'.... Nyira lippi!

3. That bloody cop double-banged me for stuff all!

4. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when they came up and double-banged me. Gunta wiya!
by Minya Wati November 26, 2013
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