When a girl has two of her three holes filled. The three holes being the mouth, vagina & ass. To receive official double penetration (DP) honors the penetration must be delivered by one of the items on the below list:
*Minimum of three fingers or a fist.
*Dildo, vegetable or other object (penis sized or larger)
*Three dildos vegetables or other objects (smaller than penis sized)
*Flashlight regardless of size or shape.

The penetrations may occur in separate holes or the same hole but they must occur simultaneously.

Furthermore, the mouth can only be penetrated by a penis for official DP honors to be received and no amount of fingers, fists, dildos or even flashlights in the mouth can earn the official DP honors.
Ever since she was a small child she had dreamed of earning double penetration honors and after getting fucked in the ass while her pussy was getting fisted her dreams had come true.
by qwesdfgfgjgyj March 07, 2009
1. For girl whose pussy and ass get fucked separately, or only pussy get fucked, or only ass get fucked by 2 cocks/dildos at the same time.

2. For guy whose ass get fuck by 2 cocks/dildos at the same time.
1. It's the first time she had double penetration with hot twin boys.

2. He get double penetration fucked by 2 curious male model.
by H-n-B January 21, 2009
A sexual act in a threesome that includes at least two males if heterosexual. In the threesome, the two males enter the vagina (heterosexual) or anus (homosexual) at the same time and two guys literally screw the one on bottom at the same time.
Met this real hot girl online last night just before bed. I just wanted a quick booty call and when I got there...there was another player there and she begged us for double penetration. That was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

two simultaneous
by TheBigCanucklehead March 27, 2015
when a female has two dicks shoved up some hole of hers
Mike: Man, I wanna see her gettin some double penetration

Dan: Watch gay porn if you want that many cocks, dude
by collin z November 05, 2009
1. When a man with a extremely sharp erect penis shoves his penis in too quickly into the vagina and it rips the insides and exits out the asshole. Its extremely painful.... trust me. lol jkjk
2. When 2 men preform sexual intercourse with a woman. One man gets the asshole, while the other gets the vagina. On rare occasions, 2 men will shove their dicks in the same hole.
The man preformed double penetration on the manican because he was a very lonely man and no one on e-harmony was down to have some hardcore double penetration sex with him.
by i got a marble stuk in my dick October 17, 2011
When a female has two cocks in the same whole. As apposed to a 'two-up' where it's one cock in the twat and one up the poo-chute, double penetration is the friendliest form of a threesome.
If i can fit my fist in her clam, then she'll be up for a bit of double penetration
by Drew Christx November 19, 2004
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