When a women can be considered a complete whore who deserves to be treated like a filthy, disgusting play toy...not a human being.
John: "Hey Ryan, sorry my balls rubbed against yours last night when we were giving Jessica double penetration."
Ryan: "Haha, it's all good man, I still can't believe what a nasty slut that bitch is. I can only imagine how many times she did that..."
John: "Yeah, that whore bag doesn't deserve to be treated like a real person anymore, maybe we can rip her a new asshole again so that she'll have trouble walking tomorrow..."
Ryan: "Hahaha, totally agree."
by The Ultimate Boss May 18, 2010
When a man has sex with a woman who is pregnant with a girl and succeeds in gaining entry into both the woman's and her baby's vagina.
Mitch: "dude, tell me you got double penetration on your wife last night!"
Alex: "You know it man, consider my daughter's v card STOLEN!"
Mitch: "fo shoooooooooooooooo!"
by Not Mitch April 20, 2008

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