While doing a skank doggy style reach around and stick both your pinkies in the girls mouth and pull back for better penetration. Great for lulls with penile insensititvity.
I reached around and gave Julie a double fishhook becuase i wanted to go a little bit deeper.
by Brett November 13, 2003
Top Definition
A sexual act in which two middle fingers are inserted into a woman's sphincter, and then pulled apart in order to make the sphincter gape.
Because I wanted to look deep into her anal cavity, I double fished hooked my girl friend.
by ben187 May 05, 2005
From the doggy-style position, you hook your pinky fingers in her mouth and pull back to achieve deeper penetration.
Last night, after watching Bass Masters on ESPN, I double fishhooked Lorraine so hard, I split her upper lip. It was fucking great!
by PoloSportCondoms.com June 07, 2005
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